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Coming to Ky Co, you will admire the charming natural scenery, the dawn on the sea and watch the sunset down the mountain. Especially, this place only owns is the fresh air, wonderful peace that can not be found in any other places.

Enjoy a vacation with the resort of 15 villa complexes with 59 rooms, 3-star standard, beautiful view like a mountain facing the sea, immersed in a refreshing infinity pool.

Moreover, coming to Ky Co, you are going to enjoy the famous specialties of the Sea; Central homeland specialties at KỲ CO friendly and hospitable restaurant and experience extremely special activities such as Coral diving, jetski, parachute, banana float and seal show, dolphins show…

Besides, you can explore some other nearby tourist destinations such as Eo Gio, Wind-fan field, The largest sitting Buddha in Southeast Asia, Champa Cultural Heritage …

Come to our KY Co, a wonderful and meaningful vacation are waiting for you !

Resort in Ky Co

Ky Co Quy Nhon Resort is located in a prime location in the heart of Ky Co tourist area, It has 15 villa clusters with 59 rooms, 3-star standard with beautiful sea views and modern equipment. The infinity pool, located in front of the resort campus, overlooks the sea to create an emphasis on the landscape make it more luxurious. Promises to bring you a golden holiday.

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