Things to know when traveling to Ky Co 2021

Question: Should I go for a morning or afternoon session, what time is it beautiful?

– Answer: It is best to go in the morning, around 7:30 am – 8am. At that time, it was cool, less sunny, and the guests did not come much, so we could get off the canoe immediately, less waiting for the train. If you go later, you should be in Nhon Ly before 9:30, because later there will be less customers to pair, and the afternoon will be more sunny. In the afternoon, you can still go to Ky Co if the group is crowded, enough 1 canoe, usually about 15 or more guests will receive the afternoon, individual customers will not accept it in the afternoon. Going in the afternoon sometimes has to rent an entire canoe, so the service price will be higher than in the morning.

Question: What should I prepare for Ky Co 2021 tourism?

– Answer: Beach swimwear, sunscreen, if there are children, bring baby milk. fixtures should be compact …

Question: Can I see corals if I can’t swim?

– A: Yes, watching the corals here is very simple, just put a mirror on, wear a life jacket to float on the water, face down to see the coral. Very beautiful !

Question: Can you eat and drink on the island?

– Answer: Currently outside Ky Co is under the management of Hoang Dat company, so they are selling soft drinks, ice cream, coffee etc. And they also have a restaurant, however, they transport food here for processing. Turns quite difficult, labor is also high, so the price … then you “understand”. Therefore, in all Ky Co travel programs of all units, all units will return to Nhon Ly for lunch, because in Nhon Ly the food will be fresh-delicious-cheaper …

The above are notes when traveling Ky Co 2021 that you need to remember to have the best trip.

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